A.  Power Scenario of Mizoram

          At the end of 10th Five Year Plan, peak power demand of Mizoram is 63.3MW whereas the power generating installed capacity is 13.75 MW leaving a shortfall of 49.55 MW during peak hours. The shortfall is partially met from Central Sector Generating Units wherein the quantum of power share of Mizoram is normally 61MW. Out of total allocation from Central Power Project, only 60% is fully available which is still less during non-monsoon period.


       However, due to rapid load growth, the quantum of unrestricted power requirement at the end of 11th plan is 107 MW. Whereas the normal share from grid is about 65.31MW During this plan period, the Department completed installation of 3 new Hydel projects (15.50 MW) and 22.92MW, HFO based Generating Plant (However, as the generation cost of HFO based generating plant at Bairabi is very high, which is about Rs 7.00 to 8.00 per unit, the plant which could not be operated.) The total installed capacity of Hydel generating unit at the end of 11th plan is 29.35MW (including 12 MW Serlui ‘B’ project). The expected load at the end of 12th Plan period is 285 MW as per 18th power survey and in order to bridge the State power deficit ,the Department is intending to set up 4 nos( 8.50 MW ) new Hydel generating stations during 12th Plan period and in the meantime 60 MW Tuirial HEP as well as 210 MW Tuivai is expected during 12th plan. With these, the total installed capacity of Hydel generation at the end of 12th plan is expected to be 313.05 MW).


       The Department serves 186841 nos. of consumers as on March 2013 and the per capita consumption at the end of 11th Plan is 252 kWh.  At the end of 12th Plan, number of consumers is projected at 2,55,561 nos and per capita consumption is projected to be 318 Kwh.

               The Department look after the following assets :-

                 1.    Thermal Power Plant              -       1 No (22.92 MW)

                 2.    Diesel Power Station              -       1 No (0.5 MW)

                 3.    Hydel Generating Station       -       11 Nos (29.35MW)

                 4.    132kV lines                            -       728.96 Kms

                 5.    66kV lines                              -       117 Kms

                 6.    33kV lines                              -       1170.026 Kms

                 7.    11kV lines                              -       5044.747 Kms

                 8.    LT lines                                  -       2746.59 Kms

                 9.    132kV Grid Sub-Station        -       7 Nos

               10.    33kV Grid Sub-Station          -       45 Nos

               11.    Distribution Transformers      -       1634 Nos

               12.    Street Lights                          -       10647 Nos

               13.    Buildings                               -       622 Nos

B.            Revenue

                The Department being economic sector is expected to earn revenue collected from various categories of consumers, for which efforts are being taken by the Department to collect as much revenue as possible. However, due to certain constrains, the Dept could not achieve what is expected. The total revenue collected by the Dept during 11th plan period is Rs 437.11 crore.


         Due to insufficient local generations, as stated earlier, the Dept has to buy power from various central sector generating stations to meet the requirement of various categories of consumers it serves. The Dept spent Rs 501.52 Crore for purchase of power during 11th plan period.

Year-wise revenue collection versus expenditure on power purchase for 11th plan period  and 2012-13 is as shown herewith -





(Figures Rs in Crores)

Sl No











Revenue Collection










Power Purchase Cost










C.            T&D Losses

                The T&D losses at the end of 10th Plan period is 35% and efforts are taken by the Department to reduce T&D losses for which frequent surprise checking were had during 11th Plan period. In the meantime, APDRP scheme was evolved to tackle high T&D losses in the form of strengthening Transmission and Distribution System and fixation of electronic energy meters to various consumers. The T&D loss at the end of 11th Plan is 36.80%.


                During the last part of 11th Plan, a scheme R-APDRP is introduced for reduction of AT&C loss to 15% which comprises of based line data, identification, introduction of IT, monitoring system in Part ‘A’ and strengthening of distribution system in Part ‘B’. Part ‘A’ of R-APDRP is being initiated by mobilizing materials, and preparation of DPR of R-APDRP Part ‘B’ amounting to Rs 323.82 Crore is completed and submitted to the Government for approval.


                With the implementation of this scheme, it is expected that AT&C losses could be reduced to 15%.